I'm oft intrigued, even hypnotized by single objects and shapes I come across. 

Inspired by plant pressing & drying techniques, I began collecting the various things I took interest in - flattening whatever was in their background into near-solid colorful surfaces to create photographs that highlighted the subject and its shape instead of the moment it was found.

The background colors are picked from the actual environments where I first saw each of the subjects. This was an important part of the process for me, setting up rules and guidelines as to what I could photograph for the series and how to go about it. 

Nothing was moved more than two meters (at most) from their original locations (and if they were meddled with, it was to achieve better light, preserving the original background) and none of the plants were plucked from the ground but instead shot right where they stood.
lure on blue
branch on dark grey
willowherbs on orange
oil dispenser on grey
deadwood on blue
rubber glove on dark grey
leafs on orange
hoop on teal
birch on blue
maple leaf on green
burdock on orange
plant on grey
cactus on light blue
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