Carl is a world builder, specialising in conceptual still life and deconstructed mosaic narratives. Both his professional and personal curiosity routinely take him abroad but Helsinki is where he comes home to. Bergman's commercial work has earned him numerous awards in both Grafia's 'Best of the year' and Grand One's yearly competition.

While his work takes cues from several modernist movements and his approach is often minimalist in nature, he fervently believes in a craftsmanlike process where form is ultimately subject to content, within the boundaries of his laws of physics.
Bergman's world is very much in orbit around attachment, control and the loss thereof. In his work he layers colorful, graphic observations and atmospheres that celebrate the seemingly mundane with humor that appears to question its own legitimacy. It's this playfulness that's imperative for understanding his point of view. This built-in doubt acts as an equalising factor, shedding the work of pretense in preparation to imbue a bit of magic back into things and situations familiarity has long since turned repetitive and near invisible. An attempt to appreciate a whole range of motion instead of just an apex moment, if you will.
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