Vacon produces AC drives, solar inverters and wind power converters. Electrical devices which among other things control motor speeds in such appliances as elevators, cranes, pumps and fans. A good one, for instance can reduce the power usage of a modern highrise significantly by optimizing these run speeds.

Vacon feels strongly about its workforce being the heart of the company, so we decided to approach this branding effort by picking out real locations that feature their devices in use and pair these backgrounds with actual Vacon employees and clients.

Location scouting took quite a bit of effort in this case - two of the pictures were taken in Finland while two more were produced in the UK, in London and four were squeezed out in Singapore. Finding good angles towards the end use products (buildings, elevators, cranes etc.) from platforms with relatively quiet passthrough traffic was crucial as we were working with amateurs as talent and were careful not to stress them out more than necessary.
Building Automation, the Shard
London, UK
Marine, Cruisers
Hoists & CranesHelsinki, Finland
Building Automation, the skyline
Marina Barrage, Singapore
Elevators & Escalators
Kone building - Helsinki, Finland
Hoists & Cranes
Building Automation, BBC New Broadcasting House
London, UK
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