Fiskars Responsibility

Photography: Carl Bergman
Set design: Päivi Helander & Carl Bergman
Client: Fiskars

Key images for a campaign in which we sought to find a visual language that conveys our important message at consumer touchpoints and encourages exploration of sustainability and the company's values while still avoiding environmental responsibility clichés.
Our thesis statement was that Fiskars' efforts in this field must materialize specifically through product design: by designing durable and essential products using responsible manufacturing methods and materials.
In our approach, we placed the Fiskars products in the center, clearly separate but still intertwined with their environment and the natural materials they're designed to be used on. Various reflective surfaces were employed to illustrate transparency and the desire to see and understand.
The backgrounds are made up of separately photographed and printed nature textures that partially merge with the Fiskars' products, the nature elements used as props and the mirror and glass surfaces, creating a tension between our set and reality. The illusion of an authentic natural environment was not sought to be maintained;instead,the different elements are simplified and
interact on an equal footing.

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